Why hire a caterer for your dinner party
24th June 2015
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Hosting a dinner party can be a stressful business if you’re not careful. One way to ensure that you have as good a time as your guests is to hire a caterer to do all the food preparation and cooking for you.

Having a caterer in place will mean that you have vastly more time on your hands to prepare for your party. Without a caterer you will have to plan the meal, find matching wines, organise the shopping list and a time to go and get everything and that’s before factoring in the preparation and cooking time! By hiring someone to come in and sort all of that for you, you will have more time to plan what to wear, organise something different entertainment wise or simply relish in the knowledge that once the menu is planned all you will have to do is spend time with your guests. Having a caterer in place will still allow you to do the fun aspect of planning the meal but you won’t have the hassle of actually preparing it.

Whoever you end up hiring, ensure they have the qualifications and experience needed to ensure that all of the food is prepared and stored correctly and are able to cater for allergy sufferers or those who follow a specific diet (e.g. Vegetarian, vegan or coeliac). Professional caterers will know exactly how long it is safe to leave certain items out for and ensure that they are correctly stored and cooked so you know that everything served will not give your guests a bad tummy (or worse).

Professional caterers will also know exactly how much food and drink is needed for your guests so you won’t have the embarrassment of not having enough nor will you be trying to get your guests to take left overs home with them because you went a little overboard!

You generally won’t just be getting a chef when you hire a caterer, you should also get a couple of waiters/waitresses too to ensure that your guests are being served their meals (rather than you having to clean plates/glasses between courses and then bringing out the new dishes). You also won’t have to do the juggling act in the kitchen when the dishes pile up and you struggle for space to dish the new course up. You will also have the benefit of having a clean kitchen at the end of it all: think of the benefit just in not having to wash a single dish!

Time with your guests is the reason for holding a dinner party in the first place. Make the most of the event and hire a caterer to do all of the hard work for you meaning all you have to do is sit back and enjoy time with those invited.

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