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28th October 2014
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When you are responsible for organising an event, it’s important to get the catering right.  If you are unable to cater for the event yourself and require assistance from outside caters, what do you need to take into consideration?

If you are not in the event organising industry, you don't actually tend to organise that many events and therefore, when you do get involved, it means that you don’t have any previous experience of using a particular catering company.

So, how can you assess catering companies before decidimg to book their services?

One small element to the decision can be to arrange a tasting.  This is where the catering company provides you with food to try, but this is only a small part, as they will often provide you with the best of their selection and these foods will be prepared on a small scale, whereas at the event you’re organising, there may well be large numbers to prepare food for.  It does however provide you with a strong initial indication to the quality of food they can supply in conjunction to other factors you’ll take into consideration.

Obtain references from the companies you are considering, which can be from events they’ve provided catering for during a month and within the last week.  These should be from people you intend to contact and speak to about the catering company. 

Try to match the size of the catering company to the size of your event, i.e. speak to small caterers about small events and larger companies for larger events.  Small caters may struggle to cater at larger events, especially if you also want them to provide waiting staff.

And finally, consider the cost.  It’s advisable to ask for a breakdown of the costs and work with the caterer, use their experience to help you plan the menu, which should work within your cost constraints.  Don’t leave menu planning until the last minute, as this will affect the costs of catering as you make compromises for last minute decisions. 

At KB Catering in Worcester, Kit Bamford, the well known award winning Worcestershire Chef, offers a wide range of menus and peripheral catering services.  He can accommodate whatever type of function you are planning and whatever budget you may be working to, whether your event is a wedding reception, party or corporate gathering.

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