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Nell Op De Beeck ACTIONCoach, Woking

Nell is just fantastic as an Action Coach Business Coach, I've watched many businesses go from start ups to thriving and expanding businesses through her Group coaching sessions and seen existing businesses improve their cash flow and profitability and take on extra staff as part of her Growth club. I've benefited from her One to one coaching as well and she really knows her stuff. If you are in business and your business is running you more than you are running it then I recommend you give her a call.

KC Counselling, Woking

I first went to see Keith about a trauma I had experienced 6 years earlier that was still effecting everyday life. I truly believed EMDR wouldn't work for me! even during the session I apologised and said I would be the first it didn't work for but the process was interesting... how wrong was I? The next day I could think of my trauma without getting upset and I have been back for more sessions since every few months. It is the speed at which it works that amazes me and I would recommend anyone feeling not quite the way they want to that has negative self beliefs went to see him. I have also sent friends that have had great results too.