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Offering psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and trauma therapy, KC Counselling of Woking offers counselling and advice to individuals looking to tackle issues such as stress and anxiety, anger management, phobias and bereavement, or even to help them quit smoking.

After experiencing what he calls is his own ‘mid-life crisis’, Keith Davies-Evans found himself offering help and advice to friends working through the same issues he had.  As cases became more complex and issues arose that he had not dealt with himself, Keith decided to get some professional training.  That was 15 years ago and since then he has built up an enviable reputation within the Woking area with many of his customers coming to him via recommendations from previous clients.

Keith strongly believes that if you understand how the mind works you can get it working for you rather than against you.  Many of his clients see marked results in a relatively short space of time; something Keith put’s down to his unique approach using psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and EMDR (trauma therapy).

There are many reasons why someone may benefit from some form of counselling and therapy….

  • Perhaps you are struggling with an emotional issue that is preventing you from getting on with your life properly
  • You could be haunted by a past trauma that is still affecting you today
  • Suffering from lack of confidence
  • Enduring some kind of loss
  • Experiencing relationship difficulty

Other areas that Keith can help you with include:

  • Addictions
  • Weight Loss without Willpower
  • Anorexia
  • Depression
  • Exam nerves
  • Fears and phobias
  • Food disorders
  • Give up smoking
  • Give up alcohol
  • OCD
  • Relationships
  • Relationship trouble
  • Stress
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Panic Attacks
  • Performance issues
  • Public speaking

Whatever is on your mind or disabling you in some way, KC Counselling offers a safe and friendly environment in which to discuss your issues and use proven techniques to help you overcome your troubles and move on with your life.


Psychotherapy involves talking to a trained therapist, allowing you to look objectively at your problems and worries, identify the root cause of the problem and put in place strategies for resolving the issues


Hypnotherapy is used as a way of solving personal problems through reaching an altered state of consciousness or trance.  Humans naturally experience this sort of trance daily when day dreaming or perhaps listening to the radio or reading a good book.  Hypnosis uses the trance state to access the powerful forces of your own subconscious to make the changes you want.


EMDR therapy is used to help people who are struggling to cope with the memory of a traumatic experience.  Emotional traumas such as bereavement and relationship breakdown or physical traumas such as miscarriage or car accidents leave lasting memories that need to be processed and dealt with by different areas of the brain.  Sometimes, these memories and images become ‘stuck’ leaving individuals unable to move on from the trauma.  EMDR promotes the natural healing ability of the body and brain to help it work through and resolve these unfinished issues.


In the 15 years since Keith decided to become a professional therapist, he has helped endless amounts of people get their lives back on track.  Their comments, such as “Whatever the problem, Keith will have an answer” and “I went to see Keith only a few times and my life changed”, are testament to the terrific work he is doing.


So, if you know you have unresolved issues or feel that there is something in your life holding you back or getting in the way of your happiness, give KC Counselling a call.  Talking can sometimes be all it takes to lift that weight from your shoulders!

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