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    Suzanne’s Hair Salon

    Kim G said about: Suzanne’s Hair Salon

    5 Stars

    I first came to Suzannes after taking up a Groupon offer and haven't looked back since. Chloe cuts and highlights my hair just the way I like it....

    Added November 2015

    Ralls Rhythmic Movement

    Elaine T said about: Ralls Rhythmic Movement

    5 Stars

    Both my boys are seeing Gaynor, and I have seen such big improvements in them over the last 4 months. They are more confident, have fewer anxiety related behaviours and feel more able to focus at school....

    Added November 2015

    Daniel Cambray Music

    Steffi and Steve R said about: Daniel Cambray Music

    5 Stars

    Daniel Cambray has written and performed several songs and played on numerous occasions at our resort hotel in Spain during music evenings and the most memorable being at our own wedding where he captivated and spell bound our guests. He has also played ‘ad lib’ accompaniment to professional flamenco guitarists where he had never seen the music or met them before and within 20 minutes was leading a performance....

    Added November 2015

  • Find your Style

    Vanity Fair Best Dressed Woman - It won't get you to the top of this list but you will feel amazing in styles and looks that work for you!

    Found In Health and Beauty

    Located In Woking

    What would you want from a local builder?

    Years of experience building in your area?...

    Found In Property Services

    Located In Woking

    Don’t you feel good when everyone wins!

    When I retired from managing a large profitable branch of a major builder’ s merchants in London, I wanted something to do to keep me occupied.

    Found In Business Services

    Located In Woking

    Improving Business Relationships

    Relationships, not just for Valentine's day....

    Found In Business

    Located In Woking

  • Today's Horoscope

    Horoscope image for sagittarius


    Getting your head and your heart together will be important now. What you want to do and ought to do have to be the same thing. In that way you can put your wholehearted enthusiasm behind your plans which will work better as a result. Make sure you have supportive companions around who are willing to follow your lead. You do seem to be having more contacts with people in your everyday who test your patience. Highly strung it may be, but boring it certainly isn`t.

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