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    Breadstall Street Bakery

    Allison J said about: Breadstall Street Bakery

    5 Stars

    This breadstall has great bread and lunch foods. They are great at keeping the vegetarian baguettes separate from the meat ones, which is important for non-meat eaters....

    Added December 2015

    Suzanne’s Hair Salon

    Carol J said about: Suzanne’s Hair Salon

    5 Stars

    I have used Suzanne's for ages and have always been satisfied. In fact I recently got married and they did a fantastic job on my bridesmaids' hair and mine too....

    Added November 2015

    Suzanne’s Hair Salon

    Kim G said about: Suzanne’s Hair Salon

    5 Stars

    I first came to Suzannes after taking up a Groupon offer and haven't looked back since. Chloe cuts and highlights my hair just the way I like it....

    Added November 2015

  • Find your Style

    Vanity Fair Best Dressed Woman - It won't get you to the top of this list but you will feel amazing in styles and looks that work for you!

    Found In Health and Beauty

    Located In Woking

    What would you want from a local builder?

    Years of experience building in your area?...

    Found In Property Services

    Located In Woking

    Don’t you feel good when everyone wins!

    When I retired from managing a large profitable branch of a major builder’ s merchants in London, I wanted something to do to keep me occupied.

    Found In Business Services

    Located In Woking

    Improving Business Relationships

    Relationships, not just for Valentine's day....

    Found In Business

    Located In Woking

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