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In her studio and gallery in Woking, Caroline Rutter creates and sells unique stained glass windows, lights, bowls, plates, dishes, ornaments, art works and memorials. These desirable pieces will enhance any home, and make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for loved ones (or yourself).

Caroline describes her experience in art and crafts as "a 40 year artistic journey from etching and pastels, through watercolours and sculpture, to more than 20 years intrigued by glass". This experience and a love of light, and how it can be crystallised into glass, certainly shows in her work.

Stained glass colours, refracts and reflects light more than any painting. Glass is so versatile, bringing your favourite colours, creatures and design ideas into windows, light fittings, dishes and plates as well as free-standing images.

Caroline Rutter Originals - stained glass in WokingWhen used in the home stained glass can enhance the ambience of any room, shedding warm colourful light and adding a visual accent whilst maintaining privacy. It fulfils the practical requirements of allowing light to enter a building but also creates dramatic effect both internally when the sun shines in, and externally at night when the building is lit within.

No other medium captures movement and light with such a scintillating effect. Caroline uses this and techniques like glass painting, leading, foiling and fusing to create windows, sculptures, plaques, useful and decorative bowls, memorial plaques and many other items for the home, or to be given as thoughtful gifts.

Current collections include:


A poppy-themed collection inspired as a memorial to Caroline’s late step-grandfather who was killed at the Somme in 1916. These original glass pieces are simple, modern and very moving for anyone with a connection to the Great War.


Famous dancers frozen in time in stained glass plaques; great names such as Isadora Duncan, Akram Khan, Margot Fonteyn, Nureyev and Nijinski.


Gorgeous gifts for lovers of horses everywhere. Foals, racehorses and historic breeds captured in action or at rest.


These stained glass pieces celebrate the diversity and fragility of animal life. Butterflies, whales, angel fish, and birds like kingfishers, toucans, motmots, owls and Dorking cocks feature strongly in this collection.

Stained Glass Light Fittings

If you are bored with your uplighters replace them with a curved glass sconce mounted on locally-grown carved oak in the colours to match your décor, possibly featuring your corporate logo or bringing to life the animals or plants that you love the most.

Caroline can make personalised one-off stained glass wall sconces, lamp shades or table lamps with English oak bases sourced from her own trees. Examples can be seen at her studio. Plus as her husband has 25 years of experience in electronics manufacturing you can be sure your hand-made lamps are electrically safe and structurally sound!


Caroline takes commissions for windows, lights, bowls, plates, dishes, ornaments, art works and memorials which will be 100% unique to you.

Stained glass memorials - Woking

Commissioning a stained glass piece allows you to acquire a beautiful and unique piece of art for your home, as a gift or as a memorial piece. Caroline offers a complete service from conception through to completion, using a design originated by yourself or (if you’re less artistically inclined) from Caroline based on your ideas.

Work of any style or complexity can be undertaken; for clients in the Woking area Caroline will often suggest a site visit so she can study the ambient light and choose a design and colours suitable for the location. She will involve you fully in the design process to ensure the finished stained glass panel or sculpture is exactly as you imagined.

If you are a long way from Woking Caroline is happy to work from emailed photos and conversations; in fact the delightful window (above) featuring two adored poodles was based on a photograph provided by the owner.

Stained Glass Memorials (Hatchments)

"No trophy, sword or hatchment o'er his bones" - Hamlet, Act IV, Scene 5

Traditionally restricted to noblemen, a hatchment was a memorial plaque featuring the deceased’s coat of arms. Caroline is reinventing the hatchment for modern times so that anyone can create a unique memorial in stained glass, a beautiful and enduring record of a life lived, but also wonderful for births, marriages and other significant life events.


Caroline welcomes visitors at her studio and gallery just outside Woking, where you can meet her to find out more about her work, see some work in progress, and purchase some of her stained glass pieces which start at just £5. Groups of up to 8 people are welcomed at the studio all year round; please call to make an appointment to visit. Caroline also takes part in regular Surrey Artists’ Open Studios events promoted on their website.


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