Wimbledon opposes proposed boundary changes – but consultation period to end soon – Deadline 05 December 2011
29th November 2011
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Wimbledon opposes proposed boundary changes – but consultation period to end soon – Deadline 05 December 2011


Article courtesy of Keep Wimbledon United http://www.keepwimbledonunited.com/

Keep Wimbledon United’s ‘headline’ points about this proposal are:

1. We are against the undemocratic carve-up of WIMBLEDON town. 
2. We believe the proposed plans will split the town centre and the Wimbledon community in two. 
3. The proposed Wimbledon and New Malden constituency disregards the fact that Wimbledon developed as a single community based around the railway station with a thriving local economy built around it.
4. We need immediate action from concerned residents from all Wimbledon wards.
5. Click the following link to write to the Boundary Commission for England now http://consultation.boundarycommissionforengland.independent.gov.uk/

6. Also look here  http://www.keepwimbledonunited.com/3steps/ for more action we can take, including e-petition

Background information

On 13 September 2011, The independent Boundary Commission for England (BCE) launched a 12-week consultation on its initial proposals for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries in England.

The review of constituency boundaries is being carried out after Parliament decided that there should be a reduction in the number of constituencies across the UK, and that there should be similar numbers of electors in each constituency. The number of constituencies in England is being reduced from 533 to 502.

Proposals for the redrawing of the Parliamentary constituencies will have a major impact on Wimbledon and it will split Wimbledon town in two.

This is how:

Abbey and Trinity wards be will be moved to a new Mitcham Constituency.

Wimbledon Park Ward will be moved to the revised Putney constituency.

A new constituency will be formed under the name of “Wimbledon and New Malden”.

The proposed “Wimbledon and New Malden Constituency” will cover:

- Beverley, St James and Old Malden from the current Kingston and Surbiton Constituency

- Coombe Hill and Coombe Vale from the current Richmond Park constituency

- The remaining seven wards from the current Wimbledon constituency.

These plans mean that Wimbledon would have two different MPs. Half of Wimbledon would be represented by a WIMBLEDON & NEW MALDEN MP, the other half would be represented by a MITCHAM MP. Having two MPs, each with different priorities, will make it much harder to hold them to account.

The proposal would also mean that the London Borough of Merton would overlap four parliamentary constituencies: Wimbledon, Putney, Mitcham and Sutton. For detailed information and maps please visit the Boundary Commission for England website here http://consultation.boundarycommissionforengland.independent.gov.uk/whats-proposed/london/

If this proposal goes ahead without proper review, Wimbledon will not only lose Abbey, Trinity and Wimbledon Park Wards, but also the ‘remaining’ residents will lose their say on Wimbledon police station, Wimbledon fire station, all shops to the south and east of the station (including Centre Court), transport links such as Wimbledon Park and South Wimbledon stations (rail & underground), surgeries, sports & health clubs, community centres and places of worship, Wimbledon & Polka theatres, Wimbledon Odeon & Curzon cinemas, Wimbledon YMCA, recreational amenities and parks to the south & east of the station.

WE CAN STOP THIS BY ACTING NOW – follow this link http://www.keepwimbledonunited.com/3steps/


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