When did youlast sit down and eat with all your family ?
10th March 2010
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When did you last sit down and have a meral together as a family ?

We try and do this at least once during the week and at least once over the weekend. This might be at home or as a treat at a Restaurant. It enables us to all socialise together, the kids learn how to lay and clear a table and make sure that there are no distractions e.g. televison, laptops and mobile phones bleeping.

We catch up on the weeks events and mull over all sorts of issues from where shall we go on holiday this year, why is the traffic still so bad in Kingston and Wimbledon, to this weeks episode of 90210 and what do i want for my Birthday.

You will find out more chatting with the family and it is great fun.

Try it - you will all love it.

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