Traffic jams and road works in Wimbledon town
6th October 2009
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The essential works to repair the gas main in the centre of Wimbledon town are due to continue for some time yet.

In fact, it appears that no further work will be conducted on the works from the last week in November until after the New Year, as this current phase is completed.

I simply wonder how this is affecting the local businesses? Last week, due to the road works, the queue of nose-to-tail traffic into Wimbledon Town stretched all the way back up Wimbledon Hill and right through the Village High Street. It was gridlock.

The local Council's Roadworks information page is not currently displaying any information about these works:

Update: A recent mailing sent from the Council to business organisations reads:

A219 The Broadway, Wimbledon- Russell Rd to Wimbledon Bridge gas mains replacement phase 2 (7July-24 Nov) work expected to complete June 2010.

Will there be a hiatus after November 24th? Will traffic get back to normal over Christmas...??

Or, is this disruption all planned to continue until next summer?

Answers on a postcard please - better still, post a response to this blog...


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