Tips for a first date!
14th February 2014
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First Date Tip 1

Make him or her laugh - sometimes bad jokes and bad chat up lines are so bad, they're good.

First Date Tip 2

Be prepared, have something good to talk about. A common interest isn't everything, but it helps!

First Date Tip 3

Never text or talk on a mobile phone - this is just rude! If you're bored, then call it a night.

First Date Tip 4

Don't give up on your date or yourself before giving it a chance. It's like never judging a book by it's cover really.

First Date Tip 5

Prepare in advance what you are going to wear.

First Date Tip 6

Dress for where you are going and be clean and well groomed. First impressions people!

First Date Tip 7

Be decisive about what to do on your first date, but be flexible and open to ideas, like salsa dancing for instance.

First Date Tip 8

Work out how you are getting to the location of your date. This works both ways should you need an escape route!

First Date Tip 9

Be on time, lateness shows a lack of respect for your date.

First Date Tip 10

Make sure you enjoy yourself - it will show through!

Good luck!

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