Sarah Maxwell gets NIVEA Lifestyle Expert status!
12th August 2010
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All of our lovely business memebers are REALLY good at what they do. That's why we exist. On the odd occasion, something happens that gives us cause to shout about them a little more than normal.

Here's a great example - Sarah Maxwell. You can read all about Sarah's business HERE

Wimbledon based Sarah has recently been awarded partnership status with NIVEA as one of their Lifestyle Experts. 

A NIVEA Lifestyle Expert gives women health and fitness encouragement and information to fit exercise into their busy and demanding lives.

As International Fitness and Lifestyle Expert for NIVEA, Sarah represents the changing image that big brands know will appeal to real women.

Like many women, Sarah has a challenging job, she’s married, a mother to two children and owner of two dogs. The key question for her is: How can I cope with stressful everyday demands without endangering my relationships and my health?

Sarah runs some really popular fitness and wellbeing bootcamps in various parts of the globe. have a look here and see for yourself:


Sarah's message? Balance is the key to everything. If your body feels good, you can cope better with the challenges of a stressful day.

No two women are alike. And that’s why Sarah has developed a toning on-the-go workout exclusively for NIVEA that can be easily integrated into everyday life – when you’re vacuuming, shopping or playing with your children.


Here's a bit more info about Sarah!
Sarah Maxwell is a professional personal trainer with over 15 years of UK and overseas fitness industry experience. Helping clients achieve their goals naturally and healthily, she has built up a highly loyal client base ranging from celebrities and top athletes to busy executives and postnatal mums.

A frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines, Sarah has also presented on Sky Sports, Channel 4 and GMTV. She is also currently Team Manager for London Youth Games, helping young people compete regardless of their personal circumstances.

Her new role as International Fitness and Lifestyle Expert for NIVEA is a fantastic opportunity to spread her achievable health and fitness message to women worldwide.


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