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18th May 2011
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The Wimbledon Way, a designated walkway linking Wimbledon town centre to Wimbledon Village and the All England Club was formally launched at a breakfast meeting of business leaders on 18th May 2011.

Speaking to over 150 businesses at the event, Chief Executive of Merton Chamber of Commerce, Diana Sterck, said “With the 2012 Olympics fast approaching, the year provides a one off chance for Wimbledon and Merton borough to not only celebrate our involvement in the Olympics but also to maximise this window of opportunity.

With an estimated half a million visitors to London, South London should benefit by providing a strong offer in relation to its accommodation, attractions and history and heritage.”

The vision for The Wimbledon Way emerged through Merton Chamber of Commerce’s consultation with the business community and other stakeholders on what the opportunity and legacy of 2012 could be for the area.

Discussions centred on a tangible project  that would be sustainable, relevant and serve as an all year round attraction for both regular users and visitors to the town centre and the village.

The enthusiasm and interest that came forward led to a proposal for a designated walkway  linking the town to the village to the All England Club. It will be a unifying project that brings together both business and the local community  - and one that embraces local heritage, the arts and  the town’s connection with tennis.

Key features of the walkway include a marked route leading the user seamlessly from attraction to attraction with interpretation boards along with way. Using state of the art technology users will be able to access information to provide them with history, news and other information as they walk through different zones.

Also included is a Victory Walk – a zone that celebrates tennis events and personalities. In addition there should also be public art installations and seasonal experiences and events.

 With a year to turn the plan into reality, Diana went on to explain that the Chamber of Commerce already has substantial support from both stakeholders and businesses alike including the local MP, the GLA member for Wandsworth and Merton and Merton Council.

Diana Sterck also said “I am pleased to announce that Young’s Brewery, who have 3 pubs along the route (Alex, Dog and Fox and the Fire Stables), have confirmed they will contribute financially to the project. With their commitment and that from both the Wimbledon Society and Wimbledon Film to work with us on content, as well as other sponsors and supporters we are currently in negotiation with I know we can establish The Wimbledon Way as a permanent feature in SW19 and achieve the Olympic legacy for Wimbledon and South West London that we originally aspired to three years ago.”

Detailed plans are set out in a Prospectus available for download from


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