Maher's Bakery puts Durham Road, Raynes Park on the BBC map.
8th June 2010
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Maher's bakery puts Durham Road, Raynes Park on the BBC map.

One of us used to go to Maher's when we were little to buy bread for our grandmother. Today, the other buys his children the smiley face biscuits from the same place.

Last night, BBC's Mary Portas featured the bakery in the first of her new series Mary Queen of Shops - where the retail expert visits ailing businesses and helps them change for the better (think Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares for shops). Gripping viewing as owner Angela is clearly not one to take change lightly.

For those who missed it, you can see it again, here: 

The Maher and Sons bakery is a bit of a local landmark in Raynes Park West Wimbledon. But when was the last time you went there and how did you find it?

Do you still buy your bread there? Do you use it as a cafe (we sometimes do)?

Do you find it quaint or outdated?

Do you think the programme will herald a revival in its fortunes or will Angela's performance live on in the memory for the wrong reasons?

One thing is sure - we need businesses like Maher and Sons to thrive and prosper which is why we've launched our Buy Local campaign. You can click the link below to add your support: 

We think we'll go down there today and give Angela one of our Buy Local window stickers. We think she might need it.


Ooooh dear. The wires are busy this morning with feedback about the bakery. This from local resident 'Kirsh' posted in The Guardian national newspaper:


"I was stunned at the attitude of Angela at Maher & Sons ! ! !

The level of ignorance and arrogance was astounding.

As I live close by I use this bakery all the time for speciality bread, only to hear last night that it is made from a pre-mixed bag from the Cash and Carry ! ! !

All this time we have been led to believe that it is made from scratch on the premises by the master baker. When it is actually a 'just add water' mix.... ! ! ! Not happy...!

Paul the Baker was a credit. But not to her, she wouldn't see that if her last bloomer depended on it. Lets hope the job offers come in thick and fast for him.

I will be looking for another bakery from now on ! ! !"

Locals not happy!

Mind you, Amol Rajan in today's The Independent takes a different view of the programme that others might relate to:

"And I don't know about you, but I've had enough of intrusive, faux-saviour women telling poor people how to run their lives. They promise salvation while in fact being slavishly devoted to their own advancement.

No doubt Portas is an estimable lady and a sharp business brain, but she took the worst of non-doctor Gillian McKeith and Supernanny Jo Frost, added a sharp hair cut and ineffective pieces-to-camera, and cheesed me right off.

"Don't do any more filming in my bakery!" screamed her chosen victim at one point, and you realised it was she who commanded our sympathies, not her putative liberator. This time, you sensed the end couldn't come soon enough."



If they installed free wi-fi, I'd rather use Maher and Sons than Starbucks any day of the week!!!



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