Learning to Cook at home
14th September 2010
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Autumn has arrived and with it a new school year and return to routine.

I haven't seen my elder son much this summer as he has been off working at Festivals and staying over at his girlfriend's house. The younger son seems to have lived off pizza most of the summer.

Since I have taught so many of other people's kids to cook, I thought it has high time that my slippery pair were shown a thing or two in the kitchen.

The new regime is that every evening, one of them will cook supper with me so that they get a good idea of preparing nutrious but easy meals, and start to eat more healthily too.

Sending them out into the garden to pick some herbs or a bay leaf or two for the pot gives them an understanding that home cooked food is just a bit more special than the heat and serve stuff from the supermarket, and teaches them which flavours go well together.

Favourite dishes so far: Toad in the Hole with Red Onion Gravy, Chocolate Mousse (small portions served in glass tealight holders), Thai chicken curry, Tasty Polpettini, Lemon chicken with Cinnamon and honey couscous.

Let's hope that these easy and innovative dishes will encourage them to cook for themselves and friends, and abandon the take away pizzas.....


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