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2nd October 2009
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We are currently on the look out for any budding guest bloggers who might want to share their thoughts about a range of topics that could be of interest to local Wimbledon residents and businesses.

Our fully moderated Blog will be gathering pace over the coming months as we implement new promotions and exposure for this website and our business in general.

Anyone who signs up to blog on this website can automatically update ther Twitter feeds and Face Book pages with the same content if they so choose to do. The process is simple, quick, painless - and FREE!

You can even credit your own website and blog link if you already have one.

So, if you've got any opinions you'd like to share with us, any rants you need to get off your chest, or any praise you'd like to lavish in someone's direction, join us as a guest blogger now.

Just try to kep it relevant to people living in the Wimbledon and Merton area.

Simply regster as a user on this site and follow the simple instructions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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