Is the recession just a red herring after all
12th February 2010
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We were at a business seminar this week which was all about not just surviving but thriving in this current recession... in fact the seminar was entitled, funny enough, "Screw Surviving!!"

Anyway... a real eye opeing moment was when the presenter whipped out a sheaf of paper and started to read this article by a business guru called Robert Craven, who shows businesses how to grow their sales and profits and focuses on how to do this in recessionary times.

His article is called "Why the recession has been an entire red herring", and states that, quite frankly, those businesses that have gone bust actually deserve to have gone bust.

Now, that may be controversial stuff, but you can't pick too many holes in his logic, which basically is that most businesses run out of cash because their 'business model' is not sustainable and that the recession has highlighted the vulnerability of businesses who don't even to the 'basics' well.


The article by Robert Craven of the Directors Centre is worth reading. Read it here:


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