How to get the BEST price for your home
14th May 2014
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Selling your home can be stressful. Moving to another area, seeing lots of houses to no avail - it's never a hassle-free task. However, is your home really worth the money? After all, a property's only worth what someone will pay for it. Buyers can research online and see what your neighbour's home sold for and are generally savvier than they used to be. Let’s face it: unless you've made dramatic alterations to your property in Wimbledon, you'll always be compared to other properties for sale in the area.

We took a look at the key factors to consider when working out what your property's worth:

1. First impressions

First impressions are vital. In the property industry it's called giving your home 'kerb appeal'. Why not try a test: if you look at your house from ten metres away, what do you see? What would you think if you were a buyer? Are there flowers on the windowsill? Does the front path look appealing? All of these things may seem trivial, but ultimately they do play a role.  

2. Clear your home

Homes full of stuff can make a property seem crammed and smaller than it is. From photos to boxes to sporting items, unnecessary objects need to go. When buyers come to view your home, they need to see a spacious, well-kept property, looking as appealing as possible. Why not chuck out those piles of clothes and other pointless possessions - perhaps you could even sell them! Some people even remove cupboards and doors to create the illusion of more space.

3. Finish off odd jobs

It’s the little things that can often help make a sale. Ensure that all the rough edges are smoothed out before your home is put on the market. Paint the walls, clean the carpets, the curtains and make sure all the workplaces are up to scratch.

4. Dress your home for sale

There are whole businesses that specialise in dressing homes up - we're not saying you spend a fortune, but you could make a couple of adjustments. For example fresh bedding, new pictures on the walls, perhaps rent some furniture if you're looking to go the extra mile! Even a fruit bowl on the table and a couple of lamps can make all the difference. Why not add some hand cream too? Ok, this is straying into hotel territory, but you never know what small touches will create the desired effect. 

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