Graffiti in and around Wimbledon and Merton
4th November 2013
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We recently came across this particularly fine piece of Graffiti Art in Wimbledon. Funnily enough, it's right in the Wimbledon Town Centre, albeit slightly hidden away.
You'll find it on Alwynne Road, just where it meets Wimbledon Hill Road, just the next block up from Wimbledon Library.
we appreciate that opinios are hugely devided where it comes to graffiti - is it art or is it vandalism. We for one like most forms of graffiti, even those ones that may be a bit edgy... if they inspire thought or debate then perhaps they are a good thing.
What other bits of graffiti have you spotted in and around the local area?
And, indeed, what are your opinions on graffiti... are you for, against or just, mmmmm, not quite sure?
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