Commercial Waste Services for all Wimbledon and Merton businesses from Merton Council
21st October 2011
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Merton Council announces its Commercial Waste Services for all Wimbledon and Merton businesses


Merton Council has introduced its new Commercial Waste Services. Merton Council will collect General Waste and Recycling from over 1,400 businesses of all types and sizes in the borough of Merton. 


Many of Merton Council’s customers their services because: 

  • The Commercial Waste Services are locally based within the borough. Therefore, their vehicles have less distance to travel and they are less affected by road traffic delays that effect other service providers who have further to travel. Hence they are able to offer a regular collection. 
  • They provide all sizes of bins as well as sacks and can collect six days a week 
  • They offer a co-mingled recycling service. This means that you can recycle a number of different items in one bin 
  • Their agreements can be amended to suit your needs, or cancelled whenever you wish. Their cancellation notice period is only 90 days 
  • All of their charges are upfront with no ad hoc additional charges


If you have any questions about this service then please contact:


Gemma Leahy, Commercial Waste Technical Support Officer
Tel: 020 8545 4012
Fax: 020 8545 4756

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