Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas
12th November 2014
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You work hard to find and buy the right Christmas gifts... So why settle for boring paper and scotch tape when wrapping them? Here are some creative ways to spice up your Christmas gifts!


1. Washi Tape
If you prefer to go for the less-is-more effect, try swapping clear sellopape for Washi tape. Originating from Japan, Washi tape is coloured sellotape with a twist. The patterns and colours are endless and you can pick a roll up for fairly cheap online or in stationary shops.
Choose your favourite design and go for a plain wrapping paper, such as brown parcel paper, so ensure the Washi tape really sticks out. We usually try to hide sellotape but not this time!


2. Oddly Shaped Gifts
Let's face it, it's pretty hard to wrap a bottle of champagne and awkwardly shaped toys. Although it may be easy to simple pop in a festive bag, how about popping to your local supermarket or shoe shop and asking for some empty boxes?
Wrap the boxes in festive paper to hide any signs of cardboard and secure them with ribbon or string and stuff any remaining space with tinsel, foam pebbles and glittter.


3. Black is the new Red!
You may gasp at the thought of black wrapping paper for Christmas, but it can be a really sleek way of making your gifts look exciting and individual. Spruce it up with natural string, fluffy bows or colourful ribbon. Monochrome is the big thing at the moment, so keep it black, white and grey for a modern, chic look.


4. Recycling Chic
Be environmentally friendly by using old newspapers or maps as wrapping paper. Newspapers create a magical nostalgic feel and can be spruced up with red, green or gold accessories. If you have any old music books hanging around, sheet music is a surprisngly beautiful way to wrap presents. Decorate with simple string or colourful bows and name tags - of course it's even better if the sheet music is Christmas themed!


5. Sweet Tooth
Attach candy canes to presents with ribbon or string to give your friends and family a sweet treat with their gifts. Add a couple of Christmas tree sprigs to add a wow factor!


6. Glitz and Glamour
What's Christmas without a bit of luxury? Incorporate tinsel and glitter to your gift wrapping with PVA glue and a dusting of gold, silver and multicoloured gliter. Cautionary note: glitter goes EVERYWHERE! (Not such a bad thing in our opinion).

If you're still stuck for ideas or need a little extra help, professional gift wrappers will be at Centre Court Shopping Centre from 11th December - 24th December and can help you to wrap everything and anything!


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