Brace yourself Wimbledon, June's here!
4th June 2010
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Welcome to the busiest time of year for Wimbledon.

Naturally, there's The Championships fortnight starting on 21st June, the Wimbledon Village Fair that's held on Saturday 19th June (its always held on the last saturday before the tennis starts) and of course the welcome return of The Cannizaro Park Festival - this year held to coinicide with Wimbledon fortnight itself.

Blimey. Parking's going to be a nightmare.

It's also the time when several Wimbledon families up sticks and leave for a few weeks, coining it in by renting out their homes to tennis aficionados or even players and their entourages in their absence.

I was recently part of a project that involved hiring a family house on the edge of Wimbledon Common for filming. Cast? £950 a day to you guvnor.

June swells the local Wimbledon coffers in more ways than one it seems.

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