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Valentino was taken to the emergency vets by his owners after being attacked by another dog. Here's his story.
After 42 years of working as a veterinary nurse, Lesley Holt of Kydd and Kydd Vets says goodbye to live an exciting travelling retirement.
Alfie came to Kydd and Kydd Vets with a strange illness. He was lethargic, refusing to eat and was vomiting. But what could cause this random, mystery illness? All is revealed here!
Dogs Trust is taking action in a bid to stop thousands of puppies being bought without due consideration this Christmas, only to be heartlessly abandoned soon after. Every day Dogs Trust takes in dogs of all shapes and sizes, often accompanied by unbelievable reasons why their owners are giving them up.
David Kydd of Kydd and Kydd Vets has been a qualified veterinary surgeon for over 30 years. He is extremely passionate about the welfare of animals and indeed, how animals can help us two-legged humans. He's cycling 100 miles to raise money for a very deserving charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind.
Local independent shop Creature Company, a pet store that has been on The Broadway in Wimbledon for the past 15 years, had a grand makeover courtesy of BBC Two's Alex Polizzi from TV show The Fixer.
Every year thousands of pets go missing and many are never reunited with their owners. This sad fact is all due to one simple reason they cannot be identified.
Nearly six million cats and dogs in Britain are obese and many owners fail to recognise the problem in their pets.
Veterinary nurses from Wimbledon and Battersea travelled to Koh PhaNgan, Thailand, to volunteer their knowledge and skills to help the stray and injured animal population on the island.
Fireworks can be exciting magical to us humans, but not all of our furry friends are accustomed to loud noises. If your pet is anxious around loud noises, it's time to act now.
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