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For excellent and efficient Apple Mac support in Wimbledon and Merton

Mac support in Wimbledon and Merton

Specialists in the Creative sector

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We are dedicated to Apple Mac support, and have been active in the creative industry for over twenty years.  The Blagden Consultancy has not only the wealth of experience and knowledge that you would expect, but also that most valuable asset - the ability to think ahead.


Mac support from The Blagden Consultancy starts with a simple strategy - That our clients should be able to run their Macs without problems and to make the very best use of their potential within their business.

For that reason we concentrate our Mac support and advice around five main areas:

  1. Regular deep maintenance of both the computer and the Mac OS/software, particularly crucial for machines that you rely on for your business

  2. Your network, file security and backup strategy are checked for suitability and if they are functioning properly

  3. Remotely support your Mac Servers and other essential systems is available

  4. Advise on the suitability of new hardware and/or software releases or systems such as DAM that could positively affect your company's economic performance

  5. To maintain the maximum benefit for the amount invested when purchasing new equipment or systems.


Excellent and efficient Mac support for clients throughout Wimbledon and Merton

Get the experience, knowledge and Mac support of
The Blagden Consultancy on your team

Call us on 0844 884 5309


The range of services The Blagden Consultancy offers in the way of Mac support is extensive:

  • Backup strategies: Disktodisk - Tape - Offsite
  • Remote client proofing solutions
  • Optimised studio workstations
  • ADSL - SDSL - Leased lines
  • Large-format InkJet proofing
  • 10-Gigabyte EtherNet - Fibre
  • Properly configured servers
  • RAID (Fibre and SCSI)
  • Remote Support


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