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I would like to highly recommend ProPhysiotherapy. I came with an awful lower back pain. I was a candidate for surgery which I wanted to avoid. After excellent treatment here I am back to my previous self and the need of an operation is a history. Big thank you:)
I love this business! I have been to loads of physios in the past with rugby injuries but these guys set the bar high! I liked that they followed me up with an email instead of booking endless appointments. They set goals and got me back on the pitch. Addedd to that they were friendly and fun and I feel i got value for money. Thanks guys!
I suppose I should say that I love the fact that I got better quickly and that they were efficient and professional. That's true but I love the fact that they smaile, are friendly and remember small things about you the next time you go in. I'm tired of surly shop assistants and professionals who have no customer service! These guys have it - genuinely. I enjoyed my treatment with them a lot. Thanks!
The treatment and service were both first class!
Excellent - both diagnosis and treatment
Little personal touches make all the difference - the follow up phone call and email, disgrams of the exercises etc
Very friendly, genuinely interested in the patient, the condition and the science itself
An excellent service with a superb physio, who would always take time to explain what was wrong and what to do
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