West Wimbledon Physiotherapy Clinic
  • 532 Kingston Road
    Raynes Park
    SW20 8DT
West Wimbledon Physiotherapy clinic is a multi-award winning multidisciplinary physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic in Wimbledon and Merton.


West Wimbledon Physiotherapy clinic is a multi-award winning multidisciplinary physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic, offering a wide range of services to help people reach and maintain health and wellness. Awarded as the most outstanding physiotherapy and alternative treatment clinic in 2016, Best Multi-disciplinary Physiotherapy Clinic 2015, and Award for excellence in pelvic pain treatment 2015, West Wimbledon Physiotherapy clinic is highly recommended for its exemplary and professional care for all its clients.

West Wimbledon Physiotherapy clinic offers a wide range of treatments, with a specialist in physiotherapy. These treatments are highly recommended and are tailored to each individual client, with an aim to restore personal wellbeing and ensure a healthy and pain-free life. The treatments include physiotherapy, acupuncture, sports injury treatment, pelvic pain treatment, massage therapy, shockwave therapy, hypnotherapy, counselling, Pilates, exercises, yoga and nutrition.

West Wimbledon Physiotherapy clinic also offers a range of orthopaedic products and supplements to aid their clients’ recovery process. This is done in partnership with Ossur, a globally recognized brand with 40 years’ experience and knowledge in enhancing mobility through their prosthetics, braces and support. West Wimbledon Physiotherapy clinic also partners with Nutrabiotics, an athlete-owned company in North West England which develops 100% natural supplements that support the body’s own natural processes for a healthier lifestyle.

West Wimbledon Physiotherapy clinic was founded by Rosemary Lillie, who is a qualified physiotherapist. Rosemary has over 20 years’ experience in the physiotherapy sector having worked with NHS and with other private clinics. Her passion pushed her to start her own practice as a sole proprietor, which she later expanded and added other alternative treatment practitioners to complement the services she was offering.

With 15 years’ experience, West Wimbledon physiotherapy clinic has grown to become the best physiotherapy clinic in Wimbledon offering quality care through highly qualified and experienced staff. At Wimbledon Physiotherapy clinic, the client gets an inclusive service that will ensure that they are supported at the clinic and with other services such as referrals to specialists for the different needs that they have.

West Wimbledon Physiotherapy is highly recommended among its clients for their quality care, professionalism, expertise in physiotherapy, and friendly staff.

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