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Ivory Tree Designs is an interior design company with wide ranging experience of how to bring your home, office or retail space to life, with innovative designs for storage, curtains, blinds, furniture, upholstery and interiors throughout Wimbledon, Merton, Central London, South West London and Surrey.



Ivory Tree Designs...

for Superior Interiors


Interior design consultations, room layouts, furniture, curtains, blinds, accessories and upholstery to turn your house into a truly unique and exceptional HOME. Currently working on interiors throughout Wimbledon, Merton, Central London, South West London and Surrey


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Interior design (n): the trade of planning the layout and furnishings of an architectural interior, be it a residential property,an office, a retail space or aboat.



The spaces in which we live and work can inspire us - or, more often, they can frustrate and downright depress us. Yet sometimes:


  • all that is needed to transform a space is a re-organisation of the things in it
  • Proper use of colour and lighting can make all the difference to the mood
  • The furniture needs to not only look good, it also needs to be functional and fit for purpose
  • The right window treatments, or a cushion or two, can transform an entire room



Of course, it is often very difficult to spot these opportunities when you are living or working in the space already …and, even if you do see it, do you have the time to work it all out, hunt down suppliers, manage the change? Many don't realise until too late how stressful and time consuming this can be.


Ivory Tree Designs is an interior design company with a passion for saving the planet from dull homes.


We do this by listening to our customer and providing solutions to using unique, beautiful and unusual items for the home. We believe however that quality, originality and style need not cost the earth.


  • Has the time come to update a tired room, giving your space instant impact and the WOW factor? Or maybe you simply want to change around a few things to create a new feel, but you don't know quite where to start?


  • Have you decided that you want a complete new look, but you need a bit of guidance? Or perhaps you just don't want the hassle, or you don't have the time to coordinate all the jobs that need doing to create your perfect look?


  • Or are you a small but growing business who wants to improve the atmosphere and working space in your office (and thus improve morale and productivity?) or overhaul your retail space to maximise the earning potential of your business and improve the customer experience?


Where Ivory Tree Designs makes an impact is helping you decide what is needed to create your ideal living space, planning how to achieve it and delivering the end product... to brief, on time and all without breaking the bank.


At Ivory Tree Designs we recognise that it is often these little things that transform your experience. We have strong values, and a passion to design and deliver cost-effective, efficient but beautiful outcomes for you. Our business is built on strong core values:


  • Listen to our customers to fully understand their needs
  • Provide good design that works with, and grows with, your lifestyle
  • Always go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction
  • Provide quality without costing the earth (in both the monetary and the environmental impact sense)
  • Notice, and then resolve, the small things that are only a problem when they are missing
  • And provide all the above in an environment that is warm, inviting and comforting



Ivory Tree Designs have not only designed and delivered superior interiors for very small jobs which we love doing, but on numerous occasions we have undertaken the complete project management for major refurbishment works. From managing the trades and coordinating their work to designing and delivering the 'look' for every room - from paint to wallpaper to curtains, furniture, carpets, lighting and cushions - Ivory Tree delivers!


Whatever your reason, Ivory Tree Designs are here to help. From a room consultation to a total home renovation project, sourcing particular items of furniture or accessories, or updating the layout of offices, homes and retail outlets.


We work closely with some of the best specialists, artists, tradesmen, manufacturers and craftspeople. This allows us to offer you products that will give your home or office space a truly unique feel, but all without the bespoke price tag.



Operating throughout Wimbledon, Merton, Central London, South West London and Surrey we specialise in:


  • Interior design
  • Project management and overseeing trades to deliver on budget, on time
  • Design and creation of optimal storage solutions
  • Curtains and blinds and other window treatments
  • Upholstery using traditional methods
  • Complete furnishing solutions that are both practical and beautiful




Ivory Tree Designs...

...for Superior Interiors


Unique interior design, furnishings, accessories, curtains and upholstery to turn your house into a HOME. We're currently working on homes and interiors throughout Wimbledon, Merton, Central London, South West London and Surrey


0845 434 7112




Focused fusion


Our interior designers combine the old with the new, the traditional with the contemporary. We consult on developing modern interiors in period properties, or simply updating interiors to meet the demands of modern life without losing the traditional features. We'll mix textures and materials, but at all times maintain functionality, practicality and comfort.



Eco Interiors are our passion


Our interior designers are always happy to recommend a stylish and environmentally friendly alternative - from furniture, flooring, soft furnishings and fabrics to stunning and energy efficient appliances, lighting and contemporary accessories.



Upholstery Inspiration


We're advocates of combining the old with the new, intertwined with regeneration - reusing and recycling materials. We have extensive experience of taking period and traditional furniture frames and re-upholstering them in quality and practical fabrics of your choice to update the look of a well loved and treasures piece of furniture


From chairs to sofas to any upholstered item, all upholstery is undertaken to the highest standards using traditional methods, techniques and materials, so prolonging the item's life.



Ivory Tree Designs...

...for Superior Interiors


Unique furnishings, accessories, curtains, blinds, upholstery and interior design to turn your house into a HOME




Ivory Tree Designs

Thornton House

Thornton Road


London SW19 4NG


0845 434 7112

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