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U Can Store It Self Storage - Walsall, Walsall

Perfect storage for my needs with great security.

James Price's Garage, Walsall

First time using today. Due to them being a DPF specialist. A very good chance they will have more business in the future from me.

Top Marques Insurance, Walsall

I just want to say thank you for sorting out my business insurance and PLI insurance. I know I a fuss pot over these things so thanks for putting up with me. Made everything simple and clear...

Walsall Wood Tyre & Service, Walsall

A big thanks. Needed all 4 tyres doing desperately. Was in and out in just over half an hour. Back to 100% road legal...

S.P.Taylor Plumbing and Gas Services, Walsall

Another year and Stuart's sorted out the landlords certificate for my tenant. Nice and easy. Pleasure to deal with.

Vintage Tea Room, Walsall

Had a meeting today. Popped in for a Hot Chocolate while and found the tea room clean and staff friendly.

Arcs n Sparks, Walsall

Just want to thank you guys. Picked up a visor today, been able to feel safe going into shops. The quality is great and easy to wipe down to keep sanitised. I will able to use it for working also. Cheers

Empire Cinema Sutton Coldfield, Sutton Coldfield

Missing visiting here! You are my go to cinema for my Marvel midnight showings with my brother! Hope to see you soon!

Bloomingful Births, Walsall

Tammie is lovely. You are doing amazing work keep it up

LNP Sound Audio Visual Services, Walsall

A highly professional team with an amazing dedication to deliver. This can be seen through Paul and how the lockdown has put the full breaks on hard. He has not stopped instead adapting and working to keep going! Stay strong and stay safe!

Zero Dry Time Walsall & Cannock, Walsall

A lovely small business. Friendly and supportive team. Stay safe guys.

Andrea Bradley at Walsall Mind and Body Wellbeing, Walsall

A lovely lady from here has been trying to to give me advise with my back during lockdown by messages. That's going beyond. So thank you

Walsall Arboretum, Walsall

I love this place. They have had it rough this year. Floods, lockdowns. I cannot wait for things to go back to normal so can just have a relaxing walk around the lake!

Village Hotel Club Walsall, Walsall

A nice hotel. Pleasant food for breakfast. Sadly the last visit was cancelled for lockdown reasons. See you on the other side.

U Can Store It Self Storage - Walsall, Walsall

A great team. Any issues (which are few) they deal with. Friendly, with secure grounds that leave me feeling safe to use!

The Team Workout, Walsall

Paul, like me it's killed you to not be able to do a job that to us is not work. To you they are family. You can tell from the posts online! Your going to soon see them again and will get them all back on track! Your amazing at what you do keep it up

The Best of Walsall Business Networking, Walsall

Sarah, Alex and the team have gone above and beyond during lockdown. Some may have left you to it but no. They have upped there game! Moving from meeting to online meetings. And not just that more regular meetings to check on all the connected businesses. Till we meet for breakfast again!

The Best of Walsall, Walsall

Sarah, Alex and the team have really gone the extra mile during lockdown! They will all need a break afterwards! Thank you for all your hard work! Also happy 10th Birthday Not exactly how you planned on spending it!

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan with Claire Harbun, Walsall

A lovely highly knowledgeable lady in what she does! Dedicated, friendly and worth the chance to help you!

Skyrocket Your Search, Walsall

Highly knowledgeable and friendly.

Shelfield Vets4Pets, Walsall

Friendly staff. They make my dogs all welcome.

School Farm Shop, Walsall

A lovely little shop that is a pleasure to visit.

S.P.Taylor Plumbing and Gas Services, Walsall

Keep doing what you do. Stu is a gent. Hard working, professional and highly skilled

Pigeons Parlour, Walsall

Looks stunning inside you need to visit

Pickford Solicitors, Walsall

A friendly team that will go the extra mile. Even developing tech to make your live easier. Not many solicitors would do that.

Perfectly Kempt Nail & Beauty Studio, Walsall

Sarah is lovely and deserves your support lady's. After lock down keep her busy! But be nice.

Owen Strickland Magic, Walsall

More than a few magic tricks up his sleeves. If you want a bit of magic at your wedding or any event. He is the man!

META Physiotherapy and Performance, Walsall

The support from these guys even in lockdown is amazing. Giving advice on social media and helping people as best as they can by phone

Lovebirds Bridal Boutique, Walsall

I have seen some stunning outfits on lady's that have ordered from here. Stay safe and take care

Get-Gear Transmissions, Walsall

A great little business. Continuing to work hard even within lock down. Stay safe

Fishley Park, Walsall

A nice little venue for events. I did photography for a wedding here and was an amazing backdrop.

Entwined Flowers & Wedding Studio, Walsall

A great business that deliver amazing flower displays

Duncan James Menswear, Walsall

Amazing suits perfect for any wedding

DOR-2-DOR Walsall, Walsall

A great family business. Always willing to help and will deliver on there promises 🙂

Chatabox Hair and Beauty, Walsall

Jo has a great passion for what she does and this shows.

Calderfields Golf and Country Club, Walsall

Stunning setting for weddings! Looking forward to seeing you open back up soon.

Aldridge Premier Tuition Ltd, Walsall

A great business that helps with additional study

Perfectly Kempt Nail & Beauty Studio, Walsall

Skilled, friendly, always going the extra mile! This is what I see and hear about Perfectly Kempt

The Best of Walsall, Walsall

A big thanks for supporting Kabooth and putting up with me. You deserve medals!

S.P.Taylor Plumbing and Gas Services, Walsall

Have been talking to Stuart today about boilers and hope to sort one from him later in the year. He is knowledgeable and approachable which fills me with confidence for when he is needed.

Aldridge Premier Tuition Ltd, Walsall

Education is so important and these guys ensure the best chance for your kids to get ahead!

Walsall Community Transport, Walsall

We do not realise how valuable these guys are. They are a major lifeline for so many local vulnerable youths and adults in our community. Without them many would not be able to get out. Losing any form of independence and that would impact on their overall wellbeing. Keep smiling you guys do an amazing job.

Walsall Leather Museum, Walsall

An amazing monument to Walsall's long and proud history as a centre of the leather trade. If you have time you should visit and enjoy the heritage of our town.

Walsall Wood Tyre & Service, Walsall

Mom's cars DOF was causing major power loss. Took in last night, they diagnosed and good as gold fitted me in this morning and sorted. Cars running great again. Cheers lads.

J.A.B.S Event Hire, Walsall

We cross paths often in our industry, and the service and quality are great from the Jay and his DJs. His OCD for detail is as bad as mine we want things right for you guys.

The Team Workout, Walsall

Paul is amazing. you can tell from how he comes across that he loves what he does and is good at it. If you want to improve your overall fitness I would 100% suggest him!

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan with Claire Harbun, Walsall

A lovely lady who is fantastic at what she does. She is her own proof of what she can do for you!

Pickford Solicitors, Walsall

From meeting Sinead and other members of the team on numerous occasions it is clear to see the company has a strong ethos and being a small business that clients will get a personal touch. I wouldn't think twice if I was in need of a solicitor to consider Pickfords.

The Best of Walsall Business Networking, Walsall

I have only been a member of the Best of since the summer. In that time I have found them to be a friendly supportive group. Organising regular business meets, and breakfasts. They constantly have been doing regular top tips to help the local businesses of Walsall. I do worry about Alexs Jokes but po one's nerfect! Having them as a link to my website has had a positive impact and over all they do what they say on the tin! Thank You

S.P.Taylor Plumbing and Gas Services, Walsall

Many thanks to Stuart Taylor for sorting the Landlord Certificate after the original guy vanished off the face of the Earth. 🙂 Good to know it's running good just as the frost kicks in!

Owen Strickland Magic, Walsall

Always friendly with a card up his sleeve. Love watching him work his magic.

Calderfields Golf and Country Club, Walsall

I have been here as a guest and as a supplier and from both sides they are friendly and helpful. The foods great and the service is amazing. As for the view, from the main room. Stunning!

Walsall Wood Tyre & Service, Walsall

Always helpful when I need new tyres. On my doorstep and do a great job.

Walsall College, Walsall

I was a mature student when Iv braved going back to complete my degree at college. Ian and the photography team were amazing and made something daunting fun and yet challenging.

Walsall Community Transport, Walsall

Always a pleasure to see these guys. The driving crews are always friendly and help those using the service.

Perfectly Kempt Nail & Beauty Studio, Walsall

I have had the pleasure of knowing this young lady for a long time. I know she is talented in what she does and I know many of her clients think of her as a friend as they develope strong bonds. Due to her personality and charm.

U Can Store It Self Storage - Walsall, Walsall

Been storing with these guys for a year now. They are great. Proper security measures protecting the items stored there! Can access at any time which for me is ideal