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Whether you're a sole trader or a large corporation, DOR-2-DOR Walsall offer a comprehensive leaflet distribution service that can be tailored to your exact needs.

There are over 600 TV channels, over 700 million websites, 400 radio stations and 9,000 newspapers and magazines... but there is still only 1 letterbox. 

Make a lasting impression with potential customers and get in touch with DOR-2-DOR (Walsall) who offer professional leaflet distribution services at a competitive price.

The team cover areas including Great Wyrley & Cheslyn Hay, Bloxwich and Cannock areas. They are always adding new areas and are happy to discuss any requirements.

They offer:

  • Leaflet Distribution to households 
  • 30 years in the industry
  • Solus or Shared Distribution
  • GPS Tracking 
  • Carefully monitored by adult post people
  • Distribution by post code to street level
  • Expert design and print service if required

Leaflet Distribution

DOR-2-DOR offer an expert and uniquely developed system to promote your business to selected residential households across Walsall and surrounding areas.

Prior to your leaflets being delivered, DOR-2-DOR will discuss area maps and plan the best possible routes so you know the exact area your leaflets and targeting.  


Types of Distribution

DOR-2-DOR offer a Shared or Solus leaflet distribution.

A Solus leaflet distribution means your leaflets are delivered on their own with no other client leaflets. A Shared leaflet distribution is when your leaflet is distributed with a few others. DOR-2-DOR do not distribute leaflets in newspapers.


GPS Tracking

Using uniquely designed GPS route logging devices, DOR-2-DOR  Walsall can track delivery of every distribution to give you complete peace of mind that your leaflets have been fully delivered.

Carefully monitored Adult Post People

 To ensure your delivery is a success the team only use adult post people who are carefully monitored and GPS tracked using our in house backchecking system.
They take distribution extremely seriously and have a number of checking processes including GPS tracking, delivery audit leaflets, home based leaflet lookouts and physical checking at the door. 

Distribution by postcode to street level

Postcode districts are sub divided into delivery rounds at street level allowing specific targeting of households.


Contact DOR-2-DOR Walsall

For highly recommended leaflet distribution in the Walsall area, get in touch with DOR-2-DOR

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