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Black Country vending firm Coinadrink Limited explains what an operated vending machine service is and why it's a great choice for your business.
We're excited to now offer boxed water coolers, a breakthrough workplace hydration facility.
The fundraising activity proved to be the most successful one ever hosted by the Walsall-based vending machine company.
Is it time for you to explore the benefits of the Micro Market?
Our partnership with DS Smith is helping to drive sustainable change.
The cost of replacing an employee can range from 50% to 400% of their annual salary, so employee retention is more important than ever....
Office design can make or break employee wellness and productivity....
Coffee at work matters, so much so that employers are redesigning their environments to cater to demand.
Coffee at work matters, so much so that employers are redesigning their environments to cater to demand.
Learn more about what makes the Coinadrink vending business as the firm turn 60!
Your workplace culture may be impacting the productivity of your team....
Coinadrink takes a look at the stats behind workplace relationships and how company culture is key to helping them flourish.
As we're getting our head around the impact over Covid-19 on the workplace, this is what it all means for 2022.
As we end 2021 and approach 2022, here is why manufacturing businesses should consider vending.
How our new K-Fee machines will upgrade your coffee delivery from as little as £99!
Owing to a lower volume of staff now regularly working on-site, it might be time to consider downsizing your office space....
Coinadrink Limited is proud to introduce Tchau, a new division that delivers a fresh and fun new approach to the snacking subscription service!
Following an article from the BBC, Coinadrink explores the history of the vending machine and how it has turned into a popular refreshment solution for workplaces.
Here is how you can adapt your workplace to provide everything your reduced on-site team need to stay happy and healthy.
58% of 2099 employees in a 2021 survey said they were stressed at work....
Employee happiness is directly related to employee productivity....
Company culture is purely influenced by those within the business....
Relevant to all businesses across all industries, here is why a breakout area is an effective implementation.
As the return to the office speeds up, you must account for the demands of the millennial workforce, who crave workplace perks.
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