Coinadrink prepares to launch their innovative smart fridge!
1st July 2024
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Walsall-based vending and refreshment operator Coinadrink Limited is all set to launch their own smart fridge facility, which will pioneer a new era for self-service refreshment solutions for B2B. 

Housed under their fresh food division Express Refreshments, their smart fridge represents a modern and flexible alternative to traditional vending for fresh food, cold drinks and even ambient snacks. 

The firm have again relied on their own expertise to develop their own solution in-house, as opposed to selecting an off-the-shelf model. In doing so, they are set to again revolutionise the way employees enjoy refreshments in the workplace. 

Capacitive shelving means the smart fridge can better cater to their demands, providing an enticing array of refreshments from breakfast wraps to rolls, and subs to salads. This helps business leaders drive staff satisfaction on their premises in line with more variety and healthier living.

The smart fridge is designed to be bespoke to each client, even to the point of being specially built on site featuring their preferred housing and branding. Experience up to four fridges or just the one if space is tight. 

User experience is what really helps set Coinadrink’s smart fridge apart. Make your selection on the integrated touch screen, pay using the integrated contactless card reader beneath, and then the fridge unlocks. 

The facility is also designed to be fun and enticing to use, with regular offers, discounts and meal deals pushed through the media screen. This really helps capture the high street experience in a similar way to the company’s existing Micro Market hub. 

There is no need to employ anyone to assume control, and 24/7 availability is ideal for hybrid workers. 

"The Smart Fridge represents months of hard work and development from our team to create a truly unique offering in the vending, unattended retail and food-to-go space." said Managing Director, Tom Williams.

"Bringing together the benefits of vending with retail technology, we have created a solution that can be applied in multiple locations with different set up's. Primarily targeting a solution to provide fresh food conveniently and effectively to businesses we can elevate the offering by having up to four fridges to expand the offering beyond just fresh food to incorporate chilled drinks, snacking lines and other meal time solutions.

It becomes the one stop shop for workplace refreshments. This system being developed in house by our team is also a huge accomplishment and a celebration for technology innovation in the West Midlands."

With the smart fridge, Coinadrink have again conformed to the latest trends surrounding staff wellbeing, satisfaction and retention, painting a new dawn for self-service refreshment solutions.

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