Sharing support from the West Midlands to East Africa!
13th November 2023
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Black Country vending and refreshment operator Coinadrink Limited is no stranger to charity work. We support many national and local organisations from MacMillan Cancer Support to the Bloxwich and Blakenall Foodbank.

The firm also work closely with the Just Small Change charity, which strives to end poverty in some of the poorest parts of the world. Their latest project operates in Uganda, where they are making a big difference to local lives.

The relationship between Coinadrink and Just Small Change.

Coinadrink Limited has supported the Just Small Change organisation for many years now, but this isn’t your normal charitable connection.

The relationship was formed on a personal level first and foremost. Coinadrink’s late founder Roger Williams struck a close friendship with Peter and Jane Donaghue, founders of Just Small Change, and we have been proud supporters of their charity ever since.

We have each attended events put on by the other and as recently as 2018 saw Coinadrink donate £1500 to the charity on the back of the companies’ 55th party night.

Our usual support comes from the sales of the bottled water as part of our bottled water cooler service in and around the West Midlands.

What Just Small Change strive to achieve.

Just Small Change operates in some of the poorest parts of the world. They aim to reduce poverty in a way that delivers respect and dignity to individuals and their families.

This is done via the grant of small-scale loans, which are used to develop and make a success of small businesses. The idea is that the individuals will soon be able to make a living from their occupation before needing to pay back their loan with interest. 

Put simply, the charity wants to give individuals a helping hand in life, and not just feel as though they are being given handouts. As part of the support, Just Small Change also have an education programme in place for them to access with aspects such as money management.

To date, there have been many success stories in Kenya, Mali, and Tanzania. Currently, the charity is set up across villages near Mbale, Uganda.

The current project.

Coinadrink has been in regular dialogue with the charity regarding the latest project in Ugandan villages that include Katira and Mugiti.

Via the “Village Savings Scheme” the “Goat Rearing Programme”, Just Small Change are having a very impact in the region thanks in part to the funding from Coinadrink Limited.

The former increases household income and improves financial resilience of the members. They combine their savings to make a viable amount for others to borrow, before repayment with interest allows a larger sum to later be loaned out.  

August 2023 saw 16 village savings schemes set up in the district, which would positively impact over 480 families! 

Meanwhile, the Goat Rearing Programme helps strengthen the local goat stock. Beneficiaries can sell the milk for a healthy income and also utilise the milk to improve the diets of their families.  

Eight goat rearing projects are already underway in the district and 30 beneficiaries have already received their female goats, with training provided for health and care. 

Support from the West Midlands to East Africa.

We are delighted to support the Just Small Change charity as they work to improve the lives of individuals and their families in Uganda.

To date, we have donated thousands of pounds to the organisation and the charity are grateful for our support.

We can’t wait to receive the next update from Peter and Jane.

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