Employee wellness high on the agenda for Coinadrink in 2024.
1st February 2024
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Coinadrink Limited is a West Midlands vending and refreshment operator that recognises its staff as the heartbeat of our business. And as 2024 kicks off, we have made even effort to make their wellbeing our top priority. 

Employee wellbeing is a topic that needs no introduction or explaining to us. Having been in the vending industry for over 60 years, our self-serve refreshment solutions represent small but valuable perks that can significantly improve staff morale and company culture. 

We’d certainly be seen as hypocritical if we didn’t place the same level of importance on the wellness of our own team members. 

For Coinadrink this isn’t just a box ticking exercise. Sure, little things like closing the office at 3pm on a Friday are well received, as is the longstanding gesture of providing all staff with a turkey or high street voucher at Christmas time as a recognition of their efforts throughout the year. 

But it’s about more than that. It’s about initiatives that make a genuine difference to not only the working day, but our lives even outside of the office. 

Coinadrink has always paid everyone here fairly. Not just what we can “get away with”, but instead what we can afford, which is something that was taken further when we became an official “real living wage employer” about 12 months ago now.We are also an organisation who believes in fair opportunity to further your career, whether that’s here with us or elsewhere. 

An approved apprenticeship programme has been in place at Coinadrink for decades, which is a nod to our late founder Roger Williams’ appreciation and preference towards progression in real life working environments. 

We have recorded lots of success stories from this both past and present. 

Elsewhere, the business takes a dynamic approach to employee wellbeing. As we came towards the end of 2023 last year, we were determined to improve further in 2024. 

The new year has seen us place an even greater emphasis on staff morale, focusing primarily on connection and collaboration amongst colleagues.

For example, we used “Blue/Brew Monday” on the 15th January, widely recognised as the most depressing day of the year, to turn the tables and create a jovial atmosphere for the team. 

We provided fresh fruit, cakes, and biscuits in the showroom, decorated the space with uplifting memos, and ensured all management were on hand for staff to talk to should they want to. It was just a little way for staff to understand that our working environment can also be a fun place to be. 

For further support, staff know they can also take advantage of our new relationship with BHSF, which provides free confidential advice, guidance, and healthcare for anyone who may be struggling, either physically or emotionally.

We have also just announced our first ever “Staff Social” event, taking place at Flight Club, Birmingham, on Saturday 17th February. 

Designed for staff to enjoy each other’s company outside of the workplace, we are looking forward to a fun filled evening of food, drinks, and a bit of light-hearted darts competition! 

So as you can see then, employee wellbeing is something we take very seriously at Coinadrink, and we are not about to rest on our laurels. 

It just wouldn’t be right to push the benefits of our vending and refreshment services under the same umbrella if we can’t even get the basics right closer to home. 

And as the year progresses, we will strive to continue implementing purposeful initiatives into our operations that make a difference to those we value the most.

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