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Lest we forget
Lest we forget
Lest we forget.. on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month...
TWO young members of St John Ambulance Isle of Man were welcomed to Buckingham Palace on Thursday 3rd November for the charity’s annual Young Achievers’ Reception.
On Monday 17th October Year 5 and 6 pupils from Willaston School had an afternoon at the Millennium Saagar restaurant in Douglas as part of their learning about India.
Congratulations to Isle of Man students on their exam success..
The Hall Caine Memorial Prize for Creative Writing is open to young and creative people on the Isle of Man to show their skills and win prizes..
Entries are now being taken for this year’s Royal London 360° Viking Longboat World Championships, in association with Manx Radio, which will take place in Peel on Saturday 20 August*. This is the event’s 48th year.
What the Bay festival stars have been up to in the weeks building up to the big island event.
'The Voice' of X Factor will be the compare for the Manx Telecom Bay Festival on the Isle of Man
Campaign to save the Manxman from being scrapped gathers pace. Proposed permanent home at Birkenhead.
A team of expert divers have found evidence of a underwater city off the west coast of the island. Speculation suggests this could be the legendary city of Atlantis.
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