WiFi issues in Telford
25th October 2017
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You may have heard about the newly found security vulnerability that affects all modern WiFi access points secured with WPA or WPA2.

It’s new and the tools to exploit the vulnerability will not be available to the hacking community although you can bet that they will be working on it.

The exploit targets failings of the WiFi on your device (phone / tablet / computer / CCTV / security system). 

The attacker has to be within range of the WiFi access point you are connected to.  They spoof being your WiFi access point getting you to connect to them unencrypted, allowing them to see any information in plain text including usernames and passwords before passing the requests to the real access point (called a Man in the Middle attack or MiTM).

Government advice from the National Cyber Security Centre can be found on their website. However, this site is currently heavily used and may be slow or unresponsive.



Don’t use public WiFi (most of which isn’t secured anyway) i.e. internet café’s, restaurants, airports. 

Don’t do your banking / purchasing / secret (the demo of the hack was done on match.com) stuff using WiFi.

At work or home, if your device supports it and its physically available, use a cabled connection

Use the 3G / 4G data on your mobile phone which isn’t affected.


If you have to use WiFi:


If your work / home WiFi is in range of others then you are at risk.  Check to ensure that sites you connect to on the internet start https://  if its missing then don’t use them and certainly don’t log in with any usernames or passwords.  Don’t send emails with sensitive / secret information in them.

On your mobile phone / tablet / laptop check the WiFi connection screen to see if the connection icon has a padlock (see attachment) which all secure WiFi should have.  In a compromised / open network there will be no padlock.

Operating system updates will be made available by your device provider – install them immediately they become available!

The latest WiFi that allows roaming is particularly vulnerable – turn roaming off.

Severn Business Solutions patch systems as the patches are produced.


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