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21st January 2015
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It is important to get the most heat from your firewood and easiest way to do this is to make sure the wood you use is dried before burning.  If the wood is wet, most of the heat generated is wasted as wet wood boils when it is burned and thus produces steam.


Dry fire wood is the right fuel for wood burners and fireplaces and when you use the right fuel and actions, you will get a nice hot fire.


Woody Wood products in Telford provides a wide range of fire wood and dried logs and offers some important tips:


  • Freshly cut wood contains high amount of water, so it is highly recommended that it is dried or seasoned (removing of water) for at least 12 months before burning.
  • Wood can be dried in a wooden shed or structure or you can purchase dried wood direct from Woody Wood products. 
  • Fire wood must be covered correctly in order for it to dry properly.  Always use firewood that contains less than 20% moisture.
    • Hardwood burns slower than soft wood meaning you will have heat for longer and for less wood.
    • Never purchase wood by weight as this may mean you are paying for the water.  Always purchase logs by volume.
    • Wood briquettes have a moisture content which is often less than 10%. They offer easy, convenient combustion and produce minimum levels of ash. 

Why not check out Woody Wood's website today to see what they have to offer – they specialise in bulk-buy firewood, kiln dried logs, kindling, solid fuel and firelighters. 

To visit the Woody website Click Here

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