Why buy your IT equipment when Rockford IT can provide it for you?
4th February 2015
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Outsourcing to a Managed IT provider definitely has a few clear advantages.  Firstly, it offers businesses access to the hardware and software they need. Yet, with the flexibility this can then be added to as the company grows and evolves.

Financially, managed technology makes sense. Operating expenses can be budgeted as a regular payment instead of a large cash investment, which provides tax benefits for the business.

Managed IT also offers an integrated solution, across the business, linking IT and product departments, so budgets and goals can be delivered with less admin and more efficiency.

Traditionally, by investing in equipment as a cash investment (i.e. the business bought the hardware) only a percentage of the market worth of that equipment, year on year, can be offset against tax. As hardware depreciates, so do the tax benefits. The percentages of tax, which can be written off against such investment, are also low, which means it could take decades to return the investment against tax.


By opting for a managed IT solution , the cost is spread and the company can continuously offset the same amount against tax, returning the same costs each year instead of the depreciated percentage. The pace of technology moves swiftly and leasing creates greater flexibility when marrying the needs of the business versus the technological advancements. A huge capital infrastructure investment prevents a flexible response to a dynamic market. In a monthly recurring contract equipment can be upgraded without losing money. This means the business can stay on step ahead of the game and develop IT solutions on flexible terms as new competitive edge software and hardware become available. Software and hardware is an ongoing investment so spreading these costs across the financial year is definitely worth considering instead of outlaying a costly lump sum up front.  By investing in flexible managed IT businesses can have access to tailored solutions without having to spend huge amounts capital on the very best equipment. 

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