Why are Kiln Dried Logs More Expensive than ‘Normal’ Logs?
1st December 2014
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Kiln Dried Logs are more expensive to buy than fire wood as they have had to go through a kiln drying process BUT they are much more efficient and at Woody Wood Products, we think they are worth every penny: 

  • Kiln dried logs are 100% dried to an average moisture content of 20% and are highly recommended for burning on all wood burners and wood burning appliances. 
  • Burning at a much slower rate, kiln dried logs give off more and longer lasting heat than firewood so you do not need as many to make your room toasty.  Did you know that 10 kiln dried logs with a water content of 25% generate the same heat output as 33 logs with a water content of around 60% (typically unseasoned wood). That’s more than three un-seasoned logs for every kiln-dried log!!! 
  • As cleaner burning logs, Kiln dried logs leave less flue and chimney residue than unseasoned or semi-seasoned firewood and they don't spit, making them much safer to burn. 
  • Insects do not survive the kiln process so your kiln dried logs will always be bug free!
  • Kin dried logs are a lot lighter so you can carry a lot more from your wood store to your burner.  They are also very dry and clean so far easier to store.
  • Kiln dried logs offer an aromatic wood fire smell adding warmth, ambience and atmosphere to your home. 

Woody Wood Products supplies Kiln Dried Logs, Seasoned Logs and many other types of Firewood and solid fuel. The team are always on hand to offer their expert advice on all wood burning fuels if you need help.

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