Vagina Vagina Vagina
28th October 2009
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I was one of the three men who dared to enter the overwhelming presence of women united at 'The Place' Oakengates theatre on Monday night.

I really didn't quite know what to expect but it certainly wasn't what I got!

I didn't feel awkward in the presence of nearly 500 women in the bar before the show. I have always felt entirely at ease in the presence of women but that was soon going to change.

It was like I was somewhere I shouldn't be. Like I was sat in the womens changing room at the swimming baths. Whilst the ladies were quite happy for me to be there I felt that it was wrong and that this was really a place for women only. I felt as though I was intruding. I was eves dropping on the converstations between women that men NEVER get to hear but we always wonder about.

It is impossible to imagine a show called the Penis Monologues with 500 blokes sat together laughing and crying about anecdotes and stories associated with the penis. No, this was a womens thing, a place for women only really.

For me it is clear that there is a bond between women which is absolutely evident during the show which us blokes can only just about get a handle on. Not the sort of bond we get when we are all chanting about a football team. This is much deeper, much more intense with a greater and instinctive understanding of the nature of women by women.

So yes, I felt a bit uncomforable at times.

The show - THE VAGINA MONOLGUES. What a roller coaster it was. At times I was crying with laughter and at times I was simply crying.

We were taken from belly laughter at the most hilarious womens stories to depths of despair as we listened to stories about the inhumanity of man. Tragic and desparately sad stories which were so shocking it bought tears to my eyes. Stories so painful that they will never leave me. And then 2 minutes later the whole theatre erupting with laughter.

I have never been to a show like this before. The whole experience for me was a poweful one. The content of the show.The connection between all of the women and the openess and honesty of the subject in hand (so to speak).

Blokes - if you have got the you know what then go and see it.

Girls - get all of your friend together and go and see it as a group. Book a meal for afterwards or all go to the pub. You will have so much you want to talk about after the show.

Two lots of thank you's...

The cast - Lisa Riley, Sally Lindsay and Sarah Jayne Dunn for their brilliant performance and thanks to The Oakenates Theatre for yet another great show right on our doorstep.

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