Top Tips for Preparing your Car for Winter Driving from EAC Telford
22nd October 2014
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As winter approaches and the weather changes, have you checked that your car is safe to drive?  

Throughout the Winter breakdowns are very common as road conditions become more challenging so we have come up with some top tips to help ensure that your car is safe and breakdown is avoided: 

Car Battery - car batteries rarely last longer than five years so it may be an idea to check your battery before cold weather sets in.  You can preserve the life of your car battery by turning off unnecessary controls. 

Tyres - ensure your car tyres are in excellent condition and have adequate tread depth.  The AA recommends "at least 3mm of tread for winter motoring". 

Windscreen Washer - make sure your reservoir is fully topped up with water and treat with a suitable additive to reduce the chance of freezing.  Avoid ordinary engine antifreeze as it will damage paintwork. 

Windscreens - Did you know you could face a hefty fine if your vision is obscured through dirt, snow or even stickers! Keep your windscreens clear at all times.  If it snows, you should also clear snow from the roof as this can fall onto the windscreen obscuring your view and it can be a hazard to other drivers.  Check your windscreen wipers are in good working order. 

Lights - clean lights  and number plates after every journey. During the winter roads become mucky making lights dirty and number plates illegible.  

If you are going out first thing in the morning, consider getting up slightly earlier to give you time to prepare your car and make it safe for your journey. 

Follow these tips and it may help you avoid calling emergency services during the winter months.

EAC Telford offer a 28-point Bosch winter check for all EAC customers which includes brakes, tyres and headlights. 

For more details about the full range of services offered at EAC Telford please Click Here

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