Time to get those scuffed alloys refurbished?
15th February 2018
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Its so easily done isn't it?

A raised curb

A hidden pothole

Over Zealous cleaning or harsh cleansers

However your alloys got in to their current state doesn't matter to us we just want them to look beautiful again and we are sure that you do to.

All it takes is a phone call.

If you are busy at work then we can come to you.


Our mobile refurbishment and repair services can be carried out regardless of your location, whether you are at home, at work or indeed any other location of your choosing!

Quality & satisfaction are the most important parts of the repair process and our work includes a warranty, if it’s not repairable then it will not be taken on as a mobile repair, alternative options will be offered before hand!

Wheel Perfection aim to get your vehicle looking 100% better, because we know that a nice set of wheels can make a car, if a cars wheels look poor then the vehicle wearing them does so too.

Call us now on 01952 680085


Don't keep looking at those scratched alloys for another 12 months!

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