The Origins of St George's Day
8th April 2015
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St Georges Day is one April 23rd and we have found some interesting facts about the origins of St George:

  • St George is believed to have been born in Cappadocia (now Eastern Turkey) in the year AD 270.


  • Aged 17, St George joined the Roman Army and became renowned for his bravery. He served under a Pagan Emperor, protested against Rome’s persecution of Christians and was beheaded for his beliefs.


  • St George’s Day is on April 23rd – this is accepted as the date of his death.


  • St. George is the Patron Saint of Scouting and on the Sunday nearest to 23rd April scouts and guides throughout England parade through the streets.


  • The emblem of St George is a red cross on a white background – it was adopted by Richard the Lionheart and brought to England in the 12th Century.  The Kings soldiers would wear it on their uniforms to avoid confusion during battle.


  • It is not just England that celebrates St Georges Day, Canada, Croatia, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Republic of Macedonia do too!


  • A story recognised by most people is the slaying of a dragon by St George, although this is likely to be fictitious.


  • St George’s Day is known as The Feast of St George by Palestinians.
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