The Benefits of Seasonal Marketing
2nd September 2015
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Seasonal campaigns are a great excuse to showcase what we do, whilst inspiring other businesses for their own campaigns. Not only do we use these significant dates throughout the year as a promotional platform, but on many occasions to simply thank our existing loyal clients – whether it be via our personalised Christmas cards, or giving that giant bunny a run for his money at Easter time, the whole team get involved to make something creative and most importantly memorable.

All businesses regardless of size and industry can create successful campaigns based on a seasonal marketing strategy which is relevant to them, it’s a great opportunity to engage with your customers in a friendly way. Plus with with traditional methods of delivering your marketing campaigns now accompanied by the likes of social media, potential business opportunities have never been so affordable and within reach.

Seasonal Marketing is an opportunity to promote your business in a manner that is more engaging, mainly due to piggybacking off of the heightened interest of important seasonal dates, and the fondness consumers have in association with them.

The proven success of seasonal marketing is all around us and we can all name a few famous seasonal marketing campaigns that some of the bigger players are known for. For example there is nothing better than signifying the start of Christmas when that big red Coca-Cola truck is telling us ‘holidays are coming’ or an oversized Guinness Hat to let us know St Patricks day is here! The right marketing campaign can be a game changer for any business.

If you’re struggling to come up with creative ideas for your seasonal marketing campaigns, contact us today and let’s have a brainstorm.

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