The benefits of massage at Salon ten in Telford.
16th October 2014
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Apart from the obvious relaxation benefits, massage helps us both physically and psychologically to improve our overall well being. With so many different massages now available whether it be Swedish, hot stones, lava shells or holistic, there is something to suit everyone. If you ever needed an excuse to book a massage then just read the following!

Physical benefits:

1.Improves Posture

Although massage should never be used as a replacement for a chiropractic diagnosis, posture can slowly and naturally improve as the spine and muscles around the spine become more flexible and supple. Improved posture also aids in breathing and less tension throughout the body.

2.Improves circulation

An improvement in both blood and lymph circulation helps your body gain strength and maximises your energy levels. Especially during the winter months when circulation and metabolism may be slower, massage can help in removing toxins in the blood and encouraging fresh energy to circulate easily. Efficient circulation also helps in muscle recovery, growth and promotes the natural healing process.

3. Enhances skin tone and skin health

When using high-quality oils and cream, massage therapists can significantly improve tone and health of your skin after just a few massages. Skin cells are revitalised, moisturised and replenished naturally.


Psychological benefits:

1. Depression relief

Depression is quickly becoming a public health problem. There are many treatments for depression and massage therapy can contribute significantly to reduce depression. The National Health institute claims that there is strong evidence to suggest that massage therapy is an effective treatment for depression. It helps to reduce stress and relaxes the client.

2. Reduce anxiety

A new study shows that patients, on average, had half the symptoms of anxiety three months after getting a series of 10, hour long massages. It is thought that the benefits of massage may be due to a generalised relaxation response.

3 Release endorphins

Endorphins are a feel good hormone released by the body in times of joy and happiness. It is essentially the body's natural pain killer. During massage endorphins are released leading to massage therapy being used to help chronic illness, injury and recovery from surgery to control and relieve pain. Because of this release, massage is also good for relief for migraine sufferers.

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