Taking the stress out of building a Kitchen Extension
5th February 2015
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You may have decided that your existing kitchen space just isn’t large enough to provide for the appliances your family needs; perhaps you need more space for food preparation and storage; or maybe you’ve decided to incorporate your existing kitchen into a new, open-plan kitchen / diner / entertaining area. Whatever your reasons for considering building a kitchen extension, we’ll help you to understand the process you’ll need to go through.

What’s your objective?

Well ahead of submitting plans or discussions with architects, you should be absolutely clear on what you’re seeking to achieve with your extension and be comfortable with the impact it will have on your property and your family.

What are you trying to create?

Is it simply about having a larger kitchen with more room for kitchen appliances, food storage and preparation? Do you want to create a multi-purpose, flexible area where you can cook, dine, entertain, relax and perhaps work? Do you want a garden room where the inside and outside spaces meet with minimal barriers? Give this plenty of thought so you are clear about what the end result should achieve.

Knocking through existing space.

Knocking down a stud or partition wall between the existing kitchen and another room, usually the dining room, is the quickest and cheapest way to increase kitchen space. You may of course be compromised by the existing layout and you’ll certainly need to make sure the wall you remove isn’t load bearing (or replace with a new support such as an RSJ).

Extending out into new space.

If you have the space and budget, adding an extension onto your home not only creates extra space, but done properly, will add value to your home. The big advantage of extending outwards is that you start with a blank canvas – you decide what goes in and where everything goes. Consider features like bi-folding doors and allowing natural light to flood into the new space by using careful design. Stay ‘in-keeping’ with the existing style of your property and you’ll find that planning permission is easier to obtain.


Budget – it’s vital to have one and stick to it. There are no prizes for ambitious unfinished extensions that ran out of funds. Be strict with yourself and if you can’t achieve what you want within your budget, compromise or save for longer.

Utilities – extending outwards almost certainly means adding in new utilities (gas / water / electric) and drainage. Make sure you’ve considered these elements carefully as mistakes are unforgiving and can be costly.

Planning Permission is a matter all to itself and planning regulations vary from region to region so there’s no avoiding doing the legwork with your Local Planning Office – and do it at the earliest possible opportunity.

Future-proofing – your investment in your new kitchen extension will most likely be significant, so it’s worth taking the time to think about the changing dynamics of your family and whether your home life will be dramatically different in future years. Ages of children (if you have them) may be a key driver. Working from home, as more people now do may determine part of your objectives. It’s worth spending the time to future proof your investment as much as possible.

If a kitchen extension is top of your list of ‘things-to-do’ and you need help getting started or clarifying what your next step should be, come and talk to the experts at QA.

We don’t just build and install fabulous kitchens, we take care of everything, from knocking down internal walls to extending outwards into new space – we can manage the entire project for you including building, flooring, tiling, electrics, decorating etc.

QA- taking the stress out of building a kitchen extension.

QA have showrooms in Telford and Newport (Shropshire) and are renowned for creating fabulous fitted kitchens in Shropshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands.

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