24th May 2018
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Gordon's Pink Gin has been becoming one of the most favourite drinks of spring/summer 2018, despite being released in 2017.
This gin takes the refreshing taste to a new level, combining strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant together to leave the tastebuds wanting more.
This gin was inspired by a Gordon's recipe from the 1880s and we have to say, it is perfect for all occasions. Especially this warm weather, Pimm's watch out!
Add with some crushed or whole ice, a couple of lemon or lime segments and you are already half way to a fabulous evening.

If you are a gin lover and love fruity summery flavours, and have yet not tried Gordon's Pink, now is your time. But what better way to do so, than sitting enjoying live entertainment show and munching down on some of your favourite foods.

The other addition is Gordon's Elderflower Gin. The elderflower component within this drink again has been an on going success and trend which does not seem to dampen at all. The gin combines the sharp taste of the spirit with the fresh, floral element to leave the palate satisfied and wanting another taste. Combined together, depending on your taste buds, with tonic water and lime or lemonade and a lemon slice, both will quench even the the most thirsty mouths.

Caseys has recently had these in stock due to popular demand. There are a few other drinks recently introduced to Casey's and have stolen the spotlight from the shelves, selling out within the first weekend of sale. We hope this will be the case also with our new selections of gins, available for all occasions.

We at Casey's like to keep on top of the local and popular trends to allow all varieties of palettes to drink with us at our events. Aiding you all to comfort, relaxation or to energise you to a long night of boogy hits.

If you have any questions about our summertime or Christmas events, please do contact us via our website or Facebook page.

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