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12th August 2009
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I had a business lunch at  The Madeley Court Hotel this week. This beautiful hotel dates back to the 16th Century and could clearly tell a few hair raising stories  could it speak.

Apparently there are arganised ghost hunting events held at the Madeley court at certain times of the year. This is serious stuff with cameras which pick up Orbs (shiny lights which are apparently spirits) and stake-outs in the areas of the hotel where the spooky stuff happens.

Anyway, I have been invited along to the next one which is in the Autumn one night from 9pm to 2am. I guess 9 til 2 must be the first ghost shift!. Will I still be cynical after the event I wonder? I will let you know.

A couple of stories to whet my apetite and get me to watch a re-run of Ghost Busters were as follows......

The Hotel used to be a monestry hundreds of years ago and foul deeds were done to the monks by a ruthless King who basicaly, as far as I know, decided get rid of Monks and have their monesteries for himself. A bit like todays Government and compulsory purchase for the Shrewsbury ring road proposal. Oops - a bit political.

Of course the Government won't kill the farmers whos land might be compulsory purchased but thats minor detail.

Back to the story - the dastardly King snuffed out a load of these monks and took the monestery for himself. (I promise to check the details on this at some stage as I feel my natural writers tendancy to exagerate coming out).

The bottom line is that not all of these dead monks 'passed over' (ghost lingo) and one still roams the grounds of the hotel chanting in an eerily ghostly fashion scaring the bejesus out of the guests. ( I made the chanting bit up for effect).

If this isn't scary enough for you... look at one of the ancient oak panels in one of the reading rooms, in the right light you will see the face of one of the original ocupants looking down on you. Very relaxing! Whoooooooooo. (me making a ghosty noise)

Now this one is a bit more scary and up to date. Recently a Taxi driver came to the hotel at the early hours of the morning to pick up staff. The wind was blowing the clouds across a full moon and the trees creaked and cast shadows like reaching fingers accross the path to the hotel. (like that? me setting the scene).

The driver went into the ancient hall wich is now the reception. He saw the two guys at the reception desk and said 'Taxi mate' and went back to the taxi to wait for them.....................

Shortly a guy came out and got in the taxi. The driver said "is your mate coming?". "What mate?" was the reply. "I'm on my own tonight". The taxi driver said nothing and took the passenger home.

The following week  - the same sketch. The taxi driver turned up and went into reception. One guy was standing at the desk. The taxi driver said "Taxi Mate" and a voice from the back office shouted "ok, be there in a minute".

Again the Taxi Driver asked about the other guy and again he was told that there was nobody else at the reception desk, he was on his own.

The taxi driver has now refused to return to the hotel for the late night pick up!!

Scary stuff eh? Well I will let you know how my ghost hunting goes later in the year.

Sleep tight tonight. Oooooh

By the way - if you havent been to Madeley court for a while you really should take a look. It now owned by the Focus group who a clearly making it something special.

Take a look at the special offer they are running with the best of Telford and Wrekin this month.

Madeley Court special offers




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