Should I Buy a Wood Moisture Meter?
4th November 2014
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When you own a wood burning stove it is important that your wood is well seasoned (dried) and ready for burning.  If it is not, your stove will not give out any heat, the window will tar, your chimney will tar (potentially causing a fire) and the life of your wood burner will reduce. 

So how do you test the moisture content of firewood? 

A Wood Moisture Meter is a tool used to test the quality of wood to see if the wood is ready for burning.  

With many suppliers providing wood that is genuinely well seasoned, there are companies out there who claim that their wood is well seasoned, when in actual fact it is not - this is where a Wood Moisture Metre comes in particularly handy. 

The moisture content of your firewood is the most important thing to consider in determining how much heat you will get from your stove. If your firewood is well seasoned, it should have a moisture content of 20% or lower. 

Woody Wood Products is a firewood and wood supplier in Telford and Wrekin who genuinely supply seasoned logs and firewood to domestic and trade customers - they also offer a variety of eco and alternative wood products to consider. 

Never be too embarrassed to measure the moisture content of your firewood delivery from any supplier before it is unloaded! 

What if your firewood is too wet? 

If the moisture meter proves that your wood is too wet, it is NOT seasoned firewood and will only become seasoned when you have thoroughly dried it out.  

If you have received wood like this from a supplier talk to them about paying less (and store it until it is dry), or send it back. 

So, should you buy a Wood Moisture Meter?  Absolutely!  

There are various moisture meters available on the market at different prices - why not talk to the team at Woody Wood Products for their professional advice.  

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