Rats eat Christmas presents in Telford
17th December 2013
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Not long ago we were called to a house in Telford with an unusual problem. 

A lady phoned us up because she had noticed that some of her Christmas presents were disappearing from under the tree!

Chocolate wrappers along with discarded wrapping paper were strewn across the living room floor.  It wasn't the children sneakily looking at what Father Christmas had brought them for Christmas, it was a four legged furry unwanted visitor - A Rat!

A treatment programme was put in place after it was discovered that rodents had found a way into the fabric of their home.  After a course of treatment including regular visits to the property we had eradicated those pesky unwanted friends.

So if you see the presents being prematurely tampered with before Christmas, don't always blame the children!

If you think you've got a similar problem, give us a call on 01952 433337.

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