Pizza Express comes to Telford
25th September 2014
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At first I had thought about dropping into the New Pizza Express in Telford on my own for a quick meal just to check it out.

I know though that if my kids found out that I had gone on my own then I would be in big trouble.

We have been to half a dozen or more different Pizza Express restaurants in the last 12 months, Windsor, Edingburgh, Shrewsbury, Kendal, Manchester and Solihull so we feel pretty well placed and qualified to see how TELFORD PIZZA EXPRESS stacked up.

I booked a table at 5pm for the 5 of us thinking that would be early enought to get ahead of the rush.

How wrong was I?

After parking in the ASDA car park (its free for 3 hours!) we walked over to the new Southwater area of the town centre. If you havent been yet, you should really pay it a visit!

The whole new area looks amazing and is such a great addition to Telford. Lively, busy and lots of atmosphere. Like we weren't in Telford Town centre. (you know what I mean)

So into Pizza Express.

Almost every table was full which was a big surprise. Thankfully our table was reserved and we were taken straight to it.

What struck us first was the brilliant atmosphere in the restaurant. Lots of chatter, great music and it was buzzing. We were all pretty excited by it, especially having been to some pretty awful PE's recently (are you listening Shrewsbury?)

For a restaurant which had been open for less than a week and probably at it's busiest everything was very slick.

I counted 14 members of staff serving and two managers and they were all on the ball. But with over 130 people dining (yes we tried to count them and got some strange looks) you could see that they were needed.

As soon as we were settled at the table we ordered our drinks which came promptly and which the kids started to 'down' far too quickly while we looked at the menu.

Isla and Lewy chose from the kids menu (great value so well done kids!) whilst Katy who thinks she is old enough to run the country at 12 years old chose from the main menu. (truth is, she would probably do a better job of it than some of the clowns in government but lets not get political here)

I'm a fan of olives so I ordered the big fat juicy green ones with the stones in, whatever the are called and the others all went for the dough balls with garlic butter.

I am always obliged to have one of these so that I am not the odd one out re stinky garlic breath later! Thats fine by me.

The shared (adults) dough balls also came with an additional two dips which we havent had before. The hot and spicy dip was so nice that I confiscated it to eat throughout the meal with everything except icecream. ( you will see a picture of it perched at the top of my pizza - yom)

I will comment on the dough balls - as simple as you would think they are to get right, they often arent but these were hot and soft so off to a good start.

They got the thumbs up from Lewy (see photo) and he liked the vegetable face.

I munched on my olives complimented with an icy cold lager. I was happy (see photo) and so were the rest of the gang.

We didn't all have Pizza despite this being 'pizza' express, Isla had pasta in garlic butter (more garlic - peeeew Isla!) but she loved it - none left for me at all!

There were pizzas on the menu which we hadn't seen before and I was tempted by the pizza cooked in a volcano, with double additional chillies coated in chilli oil and fired at the sun before eating. I exagerate a little - it was the hot one, but you may have guessd that.

It was hot but also fresh (not unlike my wife when I first met her!) not that she isn't now - better get out of this hole quickly.

Moving on ......

Both Lucy's and Katy's pizzas were delicious, I know because in the interests of this review I confiscated a slice from both of them knowing that my molten lava pizza would be too hot to tempt them.

I took a photo of both of theirs but of course mine was so much better and I kept telling them that.

Unlike previous visits to other Pizza Express restaurants we found that we werent just sat there eating, we were having fun and really enjoying the whole experience.

We weren't the only ones having fun, I even caught one of the waitresses singing and dancing. The atmosphere of the restaurant was infectious, it was busy, it was noisy it was fab.

The waiter asked us if we would like to look at the dessert menu.....well it wouldnt hurt to look would it? Do we all say that?

What I liked about the dessert menu is this. Sometimes you fancy something sweet but you don't want a massive piece of chocolate fudge cake (sometimes you do of course!) so there is an option for a smaller dessert if thats what you would like - well done Pizza Express for thinking from a customers perspective.

So a small peice of chocolate mousse with an espresso did me just fine whilst Lucy just had a coffee and thaught it would be OK to share mine.

What's that all about? if I had know in advance that I would be sharing my dessert with my wife I would have ordered a big one- lesson learned for next time.

Katy ordered the Sorbet because she is much posher that her mum and dad whilst Isla and Lewy had the ice cream which was included in their childrens menu ( did I say that this was great value?) AND they were served with a cup of 'Chocochino'? I might have the name wrong but its basicaly hot frothy cup of chocolate milk and it made them happy. It all adds to the dining experience and if the kids are happy then generally we are.

So the meal and the atmosphere was great and I couldn't fault it.

Add to that the newly trained staff who were all doing a brilliant job to make our visit enjoyable and succeeding at every level, you would guess that we were playing happy families all the way home to watch X-factor.

Take a look at the photos, expertly done by me and my i-phone so you can see the quality of the food for yourself. 

And a big thanks to 'Kat' the waitress in the photo for firstly stopping for 10 seconds while I took it and for being fun.

We will definitely be back soon.





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