Nitrogen Tyre Inflation at EAC in Telford – safer, cheaper driving.
29th January 2014
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The standard compressed air method of inflating tyres has one main disadvantage – oxygen and water vapour contained in the compressed air leak through the tyre structure causing a decrease in tyre pressure. That’s why all tyres lose pressure over time – and that has some knock on effects.

Under inflated tyres can cause heat related damage and tyre failure; it reduces the life of the tyre and increases fuel consumption. It can also lead to poor vehicle handling and road holding, and increases the risk of a puncture. Statistics from Road Traffic Accidents show that 86% of tyres had incorrect pressure.

So – why is Nitrogen different? Well, there’s minimal oxygen and water vapour so there’s nothing to escape and therefore the tyres remain at the correct pressure for longer. The main benefits are:

  • Safer driving
  • Longer tread life (up to 25% more)
  • Reduced puncture risk  (up to 33%)
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • No oxidisation

Tests on 54 cars – some with nitrogen and others with compressed air gave amazing results:

  • 26% increase in tyre life
  • 48% more mileage before tyre failure
  • Up to 5% improved fuel consumption

As if to prove the point, Nitrogen is used in:

  • Formula 1 racing (since 1992)
  • Airlines (it’s mandatory)
  • Off Road vehicles (diggers, earthmovers, etc)

At EAC MOT & Service Centre in Telford, we recommend Uniflate Nitrogen tyre fill and better still -

it’s less than £15 to have all 5 tyres on your vehicle filled with nitrogen to replace the compressed air.

Using Uniflate Nitrogen Inflation in your vehicle gives you all of the advantages already outlined PLUS 12 months free membership to the NitroFill Auto Club offering various valuable membership benefits. We’ll provide all of the details when you visit EAC to have your Nitrogen Tyre Inflation. 

For more information about Nitrogen Tyre Inflation at EAC Telford Click Here

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